Brave New World

Back in June 2007 I wrote this limerick version of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World for the OEDILF:

I lie here bare-naked: no pants
And no shirt. But then, softly, some chants
Fill my yet-unborn ear.
And the voices ring clear:
“Now let’s watch how the doctor decants.”

In a crĂȘche I grow up with the others.
We are eighty identical brothers.
Hypnopaedically we
Learn how life soon will be,
Taught by nurses — not fathers and mothers.

I’m a Delta, and we are the best.
Epsilons are really a pest.
And when meeting a Gamma
I just start to stammer —
They work so much more than the rest.

The Alphas and Betas, now they
Live a life which is dismal and grey.
Though their bodies aren’t strong
They must think all day long,
Which I’d never endure, come what may.

I work hard all my short adult life,
But I know neither “struggle” nor “strife”.
For the factory’s noise
Any Delta enjoys
More than children, or friends, or a wife.

Once I’m sixty there will come a time —
Up to then I’ll remain in my prime —
When my brain will grow old,
And my flesh will get cold,
I’ll recycle, to smoke and to slime.

So this is the future for me!
You’ll enjoy it! As now so do we.
If you’re brought up my way,
You will love every day
Of the Brave New World that is to be.

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