Merry Christmas, dear elks!

Metal elkI don’t know when I started collecting elks (and moose and reindeers), but I think my first one was a cuddly toy from IKEA. Every year in December I bring them all out for decorating, and they always seem to have multiplied during the year. Since they’re all out and about now, I’ll be taking photos of them to post here. I hope you like them as much as I do and I wish you a merry end-of-the-year festivity, no matter what you call it!

This small (8cm tall) metal elk is, strictly speaking, not mine. I included it in a self-made advent calendar for my wife in 2009. Since then he has always got a nice place to hang near the top of our Christmas tree.

Red felt reindeerI don’t bother much about distinguishing between elks, moose and reindeers, so this red felt reindeer is an “elk”, as far as I’m concerned. In some years we hang him in a window, in others he hangs on a wall. The green star in this photo was a gift from our friend Susan, and it’s also part of our annual Christmas decoration.

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